Sneak peak at The Women of SilverSprings

Sneak peak at The Women of SilverSprings

Meet Voard

Vorad stood up and removed his loincloth revealing the shaft that has been on Millie’s mind since the moment he walked in the room. It was even bigger than she imagined but it didn’t frighten her as it did before. With red cheeks, she stared unabashedly at his dripping member and feeling her sex leaking from her own orgasm, she laughed, “Now I know why there are two bedrooms.”
She placed her hands on his waist, tearing her eyes from his length to his face. “Now can it be my turn to please you,” she said looking up at him. “I don’t bite.”
“That’s a shame, because I do,” he turned and laid on the bed, his whole body filling up the space. He would mount her later, right now he wanted to see just what she had planned for him.
Millie straddled him, moving her hand along his chest. She needed to taste him just as badly as he tasted her. His cock was steadily releasing precum and it now ran down the side of his shaft to the mass of hair at the base. Using the precum to lubricate him, she slid her hand up and down, unable to wrap her entire hand around him.
Vorad thrust himself forward in sync with her hands. He moaned, spraying his load as she stroked him. It shot up onto his chest which made Millie wetter. She leaned down and licked the tip of his dick, all his juices exploding in her mouth, which she swallowed greedily. Vorad growled as he so desperately wanted to fill her with his seed and if she kept this up, he would spray her face.
“I need to be inside of you. Oh god Milllie!” He growled and forcefully lifted her off him and placed her on the bed. Her legs were spread as he crawled to her, her pulsing sex wetter as she watched his manhood grow with anticipation.

He mounted her and using his fingers moved them in and out of her, adding more fingers each time to help adjust her to his size. A blinding feeling of pleasure wrapped around her as he moved faster and faster, “Now don’t cum on my fingers, my dear. I want you to feel me inside of you.”
“Oh god,” then she groaned as her hands clutched at nothing in the air. Grasping at the blankets, she let out another scream as she tried to steady herself.
Vorad took his fingers out and licked them, “Your taste as good as you smell my mate.” Each time he said “mate” he almost lost control of his senses. Her smell, her taste drove him to the point of explosion. He moved the tip over her heaving mound and then steadied it at her opening. “I will go slow, I promise,” but he wasn’t sure if he could control the need to thrust into her.
He moved himself in and out, and each time going a little further and each time she cried out. Millie wanted him more than anything but also knew the pain she would feel. As he slid in deeper and deeper, there was a burning pain at her core. She tried to spread her legs as he slid in further. Tears ran down her face from the pure ecstasy of it all and the burning pain at her opening.
Vorad finally gave one final thrust, and he was all the way inside of her. He roared, feeling his own arousal and his own release coming. He quickly thrust into her repeatedly.
Millie screamed again and again but it was silenced by his own roars. Pain and pleasure all at once as she came, but nothing could prepare her for his release.
Suddenly, he roared so loudly the house shook and Millie felt his warmth rising up his shaft before he exploded into her. He twitched as he released jets of hot milk into her. Millie felt it coming out of her and down her legs. It felt as though Vorad had enough in him to last for hours.
Vorad thrust one final time, let out one last moan and then laid on her. She let go of the blankets and wrapped her arms around him. It was uncomfortable for him to lay on her, so he slid himself out of her and moved to her side.
There was an emptiness now; she missed him being inside of her, he missed the warmth. She put her head on his chest and moved so she could rest next to him. She didn’t care how messy they were, she just wanted to stay close to him and smell him, feel his warmth, and be his.
“I love you,” Millie said, feeling achy and tired as she listened to his heart beating.
Vorad smiled, “Millie, I don’t know what I did to deserve someone like you. I knew you were my mate from the moment I smelled you but love, I never. I can’t explain. I love you more than I have ever loved anything before.” He turned to her. “I know you have a deal to keep with everyone and I know you are not done with your time here, but I love you. I want you to be with me. I know it is an impossible task, but I will come for you. I will be yours and you’ll be mine.”
Millie looked up at the ceiling. “You would think if someone found their mate then they wouldn’t have to keep mating with others.” She wondered if she could give herself to anyone the way she gave herself to him just now.
“I hope so, because I would want you to be with me and raise our cubs. I want you to be with me every day.” He knew this was impossible. You are married. that would cause more issues for all the clans and the village. “How often can I come to you?” he asked. I want you and only you.
Millie froze. “How did I just hear you in my head?”
“That is the true test, my love. When you find your mate, your thoughts are theirs and their heart is yours. You can hear all my thoughts from now until the day I die.”
Millie felt warmth as if the world was filling her with love. She didn’t want to move, she just wanted to lay there with him and sleep. I love you. I would happily run away with you.
But they both knew they couldn’t do that. No one would understand their love. The town would see it as a sign of war and aggression. The other clans that made this deal would believe he was stealing the females from them.
I know we can’t do that right now. But one day, I want to be with you and only you. Millie tried to sit up, but she couldn’t. Now that the endorphins were lessening, she felt the pain and the burn from her stretched sex.
Vorad sat up, looked at the room and laughed. “You know I made most of this mess, but you sure came a lot too.” The soaking wet bed was covered and there were puddles of cum on the floor. Vorad and Millie were covered in it. “Now you know why we added the shower room and the other bedroom,” he said as he scooped her up to bring her into the shower.
Millie kissed his neck and held him close, but she wasn’t sure if she could take him again so soon.
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